Valentine’s Day¬†

Valentines has never been a hugely celebrated holiday around here, but something about having a little girl makes all the red and pink and hearts and sappiness way better. ūüôā 

We love these elastic headbands not only because they’re pretty, but they make updos ridiculously simple. 
And what other holiday calls for sweet little love bugs? 

We’ve got lots more so come check out our shop!


Dreamy Dreamcatchers

Feather accessories have been a favorite in our shop for a while, but we are now adding a whole new line of single dreamcatcher earrings.

For a simple look, we love them worn on their own, but for a more dramatic style, they look great paired with a smaller, simpler feather earring and a feather clip-in hair extension (pictured below).111150

So if you’re looking for a fun and unique way to express your style, try one out and don’t be afraid to make a statement!¬†235

Christmas Bows

As hard as it is to believe, Christmas is right around the corner¬†— officially¬†less than two months away. As much as I hate to rush the craziness that this season brings, I’ve also found that it’s much easier to think ahead and be prepared, as opposed to waiting till the last minute. So Flowercatcher now has a TON of new Christmas hair bows available with even more to come.




Didn’t forget about the Frozen fans out there either. We got you covered.


Come visit our shop’s Christmas section¬†and let us know if you need anything customized for this holiday season!


Peacock Accessories

Several years ago, when I made my first hair clip with peacock feathers, I had no idea that it would become my shop’s best selling item.

Since then, I’ve added an entire peacock section – earrings, clip-in extensions, and a few more varieties of hair clips.

These clips are perfect for themed weddings, formal updos, or just adding a dramatic touch to any hairstyle.  

The sword feathers may not be as widely recognized as the eye feathers, but they add just as much color and beauty.

We’ll continue to keep adding new accessories to our peacock section, so be sure to check back in often if you’re as big of a peacock fan as we are!

Rainbow Headband

There’s something about a rainbow that is absolutely magical. It’s no secret that this classic color combination is a running theme in our shop, and¬†this headband might be the new favorite.



It’s bright, it’s colorful, and it’s fun.

The soft elastic band also makes a simple rolled updo incredibly easy, and changes up the whole look. 229


Even the dreariest day doesn’t stand a chance when there’s a rainbow around!


10 Ways to Wear Mini Flowers

The options are endless for accessorizing with these little flowers, but here are some of our favorites:

Crown Braid

Pull-through Braid441

Sock Bun117

Dutch Braid



Fishtail Braid394

Messy Half Updo115

Waterfall Braid


Side Mermaid Braid (our¬†winter collection is perfect if you’re trying to channel your inner Elsa)323

Side French Braid272

And lastly, the easiest and simplest way to wear them – just clip one (or several) in your everyday hair.

All of these collections are available in our shop, and we are always happy to create a custom set in your choice of colors. We’d love to see what styles you come up with, so post pictures on Instagram and be sure to tag us! @aflowercatcher




Mini Flower Sets

We are SO happy to announce that our best-selling clips, these adorable mini flowers measuring about 1.5″, are back in our shop. After being unable to make these¬†for the last year or so, due to discontinued materials, we’ve found new suppliers and couldn’t be more excited to introduce our new (and better than ever) collections. Here’s what we have so far:

SPRING                                                                        image













Be sure to check back in often because we’ll be adding more and more collections all the time – as well as hairstyle ideas and ways to wear them. And let us know if you’d like a custom set of your own choice of colors!



In my opinion, there’s no such thing as too many rainbows. Or rain-bows, as the case is here.¬†032

We love these sweet little french clips and how they instantly brighten up an outfit. And having a set makes them so versatile.

You can keep it simple and wear just one.133

Or go classic with two basic braids.126


Or go crazy with my personal favorite, double twisty buns and a whole lot of sass. 116




Try them out and let us know how YOU style them!